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The difference between a lithium battery charger and a power adapter
Jan 11, 2018

Before introducing the difference between the charger and the power adapter, let's get to know what the charger is and what is called the power adapter.

Charger: English name charger, usually refers to the conversion of alternating current to low-voltage DC power equipment, which includes the flow limit, voltage limit, etc. to meet the charging characteristics of the control circuit. Charger in various areas of wide use, especially in the field of life is widely used in mobile phones, cameras and other common electrical appliances.

Power adapter: English name adapter, the common power adapter on the market is a transformer, rectifier and voltage regulator of the power converter, the output is DC, in the case of power can be understood as low-voltage power supply. It is widely used in phone machine, game machine, language Repeater, Walkman, notebook, cellular telephone and other equipment.

The difference between the charger and the adapter:

Charger contains the function of the adapter, but the charger internal also constant flow, pressure and so on to meet the charging characteristics of the control circuit, the adapter's charging control circuit generally on the host to complete. For example, PHS charger and notebook computer charger is actually just a power adapter, it is not included in the charge control circuit, the charge control is in the PHS and the computer to complete.

The biggest difference between the charger and the adapter is that the charger is only charging the battery, and the adapter can not only charge the battery, but also power the host

In a computer, the adapter is typically placed in a performers (also external) that is plugged into a slot on the motherboard, and the appropriate information in the card is exchanged between the processor and the device supported by the adapter. Power adapter is a small portable electronic equipment and electrical power supply conversion equipment, generally by the shell, power transformers and rectifier circuit composition, according to its output type can be divided into AC output type and DC output type, according to the connection method can be divided into wall type and desktop type. The power adapter is particularly important for mobile PCs because they do not have batteries. Most mobile PC power adapters can automatically detect 100~240v alternating current (Hz). Basically all mobile PCs put the power outside, with a line and host connection, which can reduce the size and weight of the mainframe, only a handful of models to the power supply built into the mainframe. There is a nameplate on the power adapter, which indicates the power, input output voltage and current quantity, especially the range of input voltage, which is called "Travel power adapter".