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Power adapter Appearance Check Step
Jan 11, 2018

I. Appearance

1.1, surface

1.1.1, check the power adapter surface for stains.

1.1.2, the surface of the product has cracks and other mechanical damage.

1.1.3, power adapter gap is too large.

1.1.4, percussion products when there is a different sound.

1.2, label

1.2.1, the product surface must be affixed with electronic product certification safety Signs and registration certification number.

1.2.2, power adapter label font can not have typos, missing words, font blur, watermark or bubbles.

1.2.3, the product label should be firm, not to paste crooked.

1.2.4, labels can not have a defective part.

1.3. DC Wire

1.3.1, DC wire length to meet the requirements of the specification.

1.3.2, wire color and certified samples consistent.

1.3.3, wire appearance whether there are stains, white gum or damage.

Second, the overall size

2.1, the overall size conforms to the product standard stipulation.

2.2, PIN, wire length, distance to meet product standards.

2.3, the power adapter plug position needs to meet product standard requirements.