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What is a charger
Jan 11, 2018

Charger (charging machine) according to the design circuit operating frequency to divide, it can be divided into the frequency machine and the high-frequency machine. The Power frequency machine is designed by the traditional analog circuit principle, and the internal electrical devices (such as Transformers, inductors, capacitors, etc.) are larger, and generally have smaller noise when carrying large operation. However, the model has strong resistance to performance in bad power grid environment, and reliability and stability are higher than high-frequency machine.

The high-frequency machine is a microprocessor (CPU chip) as a processing control center, is a complex hardware analog circuit in the microprocessor, software program to control the operation of the UPS. Therefore, the volume is greatly reduced, the weight is greatly reduced, the manufacturing cost is low, The price is relatively low. High frequency inverter frequency conversion rate is generally above 20KHZ. However, the high frequency machine in the bad power grid and environmental conditions under poor tolerance, more suitable for power grids more stable and less dust, temperature/humidity suitable environment.