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Common Sense Of Battery Usage
Mar 02, 2018

Battery charge

Different batteries have their own characteristics, the user must follow the instructions of the manufacturer to charge the method. In standby standby state, the mobile phone also consumes batteries, if you want to carry out a quick charge, it is advisable to first turn off the phone or the battery to charge.

Quick charge

Some automated intelligent quick charger when the indicator light signal changes, only said to be full of 90%, the charger will automatically switch to slow charge to fully fill the battery. The user is best to use the battery completely, otherwise it will shorten the usage time.

Battery Memory effect

If the battery is Ni-CD battery, long-term not fully charged, discharge, will leave traces in the battery, reducing the battery capacity, this phenomenon is called the battery memory effect.

Periodic elimination of memory

The method is to completely discharge the battery and then fill it again. Discharge can be used to put electrical or discharge functions of the charger, can also use the standby standby mode of mobile phone, such as to speed up the discharge of the display screen and the telephone keypad lights open. To ensure that the battery can be filled again, should be in accordance with instructions to control the time, repeat charge, discharge two to three times.

Storage of lithium batteries

Lithium battery can be stored in the ambient temperature of -5°c-35°c, the relative humidity is not greater than 75% of the clean, dry, ventilated indoor, should avoid contact with corrosive substances, away from the source of fire and heat. The battery charge is maintained at 30% to 50% of the nominal capacity. Batteries recommended for storage are charged once every 6 months.