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Charger How should we choose?
Jan 11, 2018

1, on the charge on the promotion of choice:

The main will be selected by 2 factors, the first is the power, enough power will be a focus on the increase in charge speed, while the other is the intelligent output on the current, intelligent output can disrupt the current limit of digital devices, while charging speed and safety. Intelligent current output is also a very important point, its main principle is that it can detect the access to the charging device needs of how much current, and provide the corresponding current. So he can break through the current limit by the most suitable output of the current, and achieve the best charging current of the access device such as mobile phone in charge, so it can make the charge speed reach the best peak.

2, whether the digital equipment with current restrictions:

Many digital manufacturers to their own brand products to charge the current limit, it is necessary to use the original charger can be charged, or will be rejected the input of the current. This setting is good for security reasons, but it is extremely impersonal in its convenience. In this case, we can choose with intelligent current output.

3, charger appearance material selection:

The appearance of the charger is generally in the selection, as far as possible the use of high-temperature fire-resistant materials, more conducive to the charger due to the use of excessive heat caused by the damage. If the use of low-quality materials to charge, after a long time, naturally in the heat of the shell directly melt the image.

4, the Charger's current power selection:

General mobile phone charger input is 5v1a, that is, the need for 5W of current power. The tablet computer basically uses the 5v2.1a current input, so its current power is 10.5W. There are also a lot of chargers in the market actually power is not enough, just in the output of the interface to meet a certain power output, and actually power is not up to the corresponding value. So you have to make a choice on the power.