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Battery Safety Standards
Jan 11, 2018

The first national mandatory standard on the safety of lithium-ion batteries has been introduced and will be formally implemented on August 1, 2015. The standard number is GB 31241-2014, the full name is "portable electronic products lithium ion batteries and battery safety requirements", including more than 30 data indicators. Although it is not a mobile power machine GB, but because lithium-ion battery is a mobile power (belonging to the whole machine equipment) security key, so the standard implementation of mobile power supply lithium-ion batteries should also meet its requirements, mobile power quality and security to a certain extent will be standardized. In addition, specifically for the mobile power of the national standard "information technology portable Digital Equipment for mobile Power General specification" has also been issued by the National Standards Committee to draw up plans by the Chinese Institute of Electronic Technology Standardization, the lead organization drafted, I believe the time should not be too long. Mobile phone mobile External power supply many brands, capacity has a large and small, modelling is a variety of, various, such as a key chain modelling, there is similar to the shape of the mobile hard disk, there is a mobile phone shell form, many products not only the appearance of beautiful design, small, and easy to carry use. According to experts, the core component of the mobile power supply is the inner core. There are two commonly used: polymer solid-state lithium-ion batteries and liquid lithium-ion batteries, which are commonly referred to as 18650 batteries.

Because the former price is higher than the latter, so most mobile power supply will choose to configure 18650 batteries. Inferior mobile power will generally choose to recycle 18650 batteries, most of them will be discarded computer batteries to recover and reuse, these batteries if the production process is not up to standard, may occur the phenomenon of self explosion, not only will burn mobile phones, personal safety may also cause harm. In addition to burning the mobile phone and spontaneous combustion of these two serious problems, the electricity is obviously low, after several times after the electricity can not be recharged and other issues have become a hot spot for consumer complaints. Many businesses are still in the "large capacity" on the market, the current 10,000 ma capacity of more than the external power supply everywhere, but consumers in the use of mobile phone often not to charge the number of times, the issue of volume is very common. In recent years, due to the low threshold of mobile power manufacturing industry, the market demand is growing, many of the original mobile phones and other electronic products manufacturers have dabbled in the power industry. However, there are serious irregularities behind the fiercely competitive market, and consumers should pay extra attention when buying. According to the industry, due to the previous mobile power and there is no unified national standards or industry standards, different manufacturers in the electric core, circuit board materials used in a large gap; Shanzhai manufacturers are directly purchasing inferior batteries, circuit boards, and then loaded into the shell, mobile power is created, so product quality is difficult to ensure.