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Select The Power Adapter To Determine These Three Fit Conditions
Jan 11, 2018

As the functions of intelligent devices continue to increase, the consumption of electricity is beginning to become more and more fast. People are getting used to carrying portable chargers or power adapters. For many people, the concept of a power adapter only stays in the stage of the charger, but in fact the power adapter is a transformer that is heavily applied to the charger. People who are unfamiliar with power adapters often need to be faced with which power adapter is used for charging.

The power adapter has a variety of parameters, so it is not possible to use the adapter for recharging. Before you select a power adapter, you must first determine the three matching conditions.

First, adapter interface and equipment matching;

Second, the output voltage must be the same as the load (mobile device) rated input voltage, or the load (mobile device) can withstand the voltage range, otherwise, may burn the load (mobile device);

Third, the output current of the power adapter should be equal to or greater than the current of the load (mobile device) to provide sufficient power; The above three matching conditions are analyzed below.

First, do not match the interface in the absence of professional knowledge must not be inserted, otherwise there will be danger.

Second, for why the need for voltage consistent, from the principle is such--the voltage is insufficient, not enough to drive the load, the battery can not normally charge, said the popular point is in short supply.

Third, for why the need for such a current configuration, which involves the principle of the circuit, we all know that the power supply is internal resistance, the larger the loss of internal resistance. Therefore, manufacturers in the production of this adapter will be based on the internal resistance size, determine no-load output voltage within a certain range, and the voltage critical value corresponding to the current critical value is that we see the current nominal value, the greater the current nominal value of the adapter with load capacity better. So choosing an adapter with a slightly larger current will not hurt the battery, but it can make the charge faster.