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What Are The Common Power Adapter Damage Reasons?
Jan 11, 2018

The first type: High Output voltage

High output voltage generally comes from the voltage regulator sampling and voltage regulator control circuit. In the DC output, sampling resistors, error sampling amplifiers such as TL431, Optocoupler, power control chips, such as the common circuit composed of closed control loops, any one of the components of the problem will result in higher output voltage.

Safe tube Normal, no output voltage

The safety tube is normal, no output voltage indicates that the switching power supply is not working or has entered the protection state. The first step to check the power control chip start-up foot of the starting voltage value, if no start voltage or low start-up voltage, then check the starting foot external components and start resistance leakage. If the power supply control chip is normal, the above monitoring can be quickly traced to the fault. If there is a starting voltage, then the output of the measurement control chip in the power-on instantaneous whether there is a high, low level of the jump, if there is no jump, indicating the control chip damage, peripheral oscillation circuit components damaged or protection circuit failure, by replacing the control chip, check the peripheral components, each for inspection; if you jump, Most of the cases are bad or damaged for the switch tube.

Second: line failure

Line failure, including the power cord damage does not power, contact mouth oxidation contact bad. Focus on checking the input line, output line power. If the line fault, you can change the power cord and other ways to resolve.

The third type: Insurance burns or blows up

Main check rectifier bridge, diode, switch tube and 300 volts on the large filter capacitors and other parts. Causes the insurance to burn, blackening, may also be the anti-interference circuit to cause the problem. In particular, it is noteworthy that the breakdown of the switch tube causes the insurance to burn, which usually burns out the power control chip and the current detection resistor. Thermistors are also easy to burn with insurance.