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Cognitive Power Adapter CE Certification Requirements And Sources
Jan 11, 2018

For many of the switching power adapter product development engineers, the new product to the relevant departments and strict CE certification, the entire research and development process is the most critical part, but also directly related to the product can meet the export standards. So what is this CE certification? For switching power adapter, what are the requirements for CE certification? Let's take a look at the following.

In fact this so-called CE certification, is a kind of EU countries for the product certification abbreviation. If the switch power adapter's new product wants to export to the European country, then must have "the CE" the sign, "the CE" mark is also one kind enters the European country the pass order. This sign indicates that the product complies with one or more relevant European directives. This is enforced by law. In the process of certification audit, the power adapter products will be the production quality, product quality, Unit validation, EC type test and other certification inspection, after the acceptance, will be allotted corresponding "CE" mark. For the products that have passed the certification, the EU issued a "CE" Mark must be printed on the nameplate and box on the obvious position, and the height can not be less than 5mm, and need to scale.

Of course, after the power adapter has achieved CE certification, there is also a job to be done by the dealer, that is, in compliance with the Declaration signed. When an adapter product is exported to Europe, the manufacturer must sign a compliance statement indicating that its product complies with EU requirements. This statement must be shipped to Europe, or the European customs will not allow the goods to enter the country. Once the product is found in Europe does not meet the conditions of CE, will be severely punished.