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How Can We Maximize The Effectiveness Of Fast Charging?
Jan 11, 2018

Question one: What is fast-charging technology?

Fast charge can be understood literally, that is, increase the speed of mobile phone charging. So what is the way to achieve it? The principle is very simple and easy to understand. Fast charging through the chipset, to adjust the phone's input voltage and current value, thereby shortening the charge time. The most common is to improve the charging speed of mobile phone by increasing voltage constant current, low voltage and high current, and high voltage and high current three kinds of conditions.

How can we maximize the effectiveness of fast charging?

Question two: Why should we have fast-charging technology?

Because of the current mobile phones are in one body design, unable to replace the battery, and battery technology has not yet broken through, in the high-intensity use of the case, not enough to standby for a day, can often see the people with mobile power charge. When the rapid charging technology, you can use this technology, greatly shorten the charging time, effectively improve the user experience.

Question three: How can we maximize the effectiveness of fast-charging?

To make the phone have the fastest charging speed, you must use the mobile phone standard data lines and chargers, they are online and charge the head have a certain specificity, because each of the fast-charging standards are different, power chip management has a difference, so the use of non-standard data lines and charging head can not achieve fast charging. If the power adapter does not support fast charging, then the output voltage is not up to the fast charging standard. In other words, the use of special lines, special head, plane, indispensable.