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Recovery Of Waste Battery
Mar 06, 2018

Although the waste battery is small, the harm is very big. However, because the waste battery pollution is not like garbage, air and water pollution can be based on sensory sense, has a strong concealment, so did not receive due attention. At present, China to become the battery production and consumption of large countries, waste battery pollution is an urgent need to solve a major environmental problems.

According to environmental experts, in the waste battery for each recovery of 1000 grams of metal, of which there are 82 grams of mercury, 88 grams of cadmium, it can be said that recycling and disposal of waste batteries not only deal with the source of pollution, but also achieve the recovery of resources and reuse. Foreign developed countries attach great importance to the recycling and utilization of waste batteries. Many countries in Western Europe, not only in shops, but also directly on the streets are equipped with special waste battery recycling bins, waste batteries 95% of the material can be recycled, especially heavy metal recovery value is high. If the foreign regenerated lead industry develops rapidly, 55% of the current lead production is from regenerated lead. In the regenerated lead industry, the recycling process of waste lead battery occupies a large proportion. 100 kilograms waste lead batteries can be recycled 50~60 kg lead. For the recycling of waste batteries containing cadmium, there are more mature technologies abroad, the treatment of 100 kilograms cadmium containing waste batteries can be recovered about 20 kilograms of the metal cadmium, for mercury-containing batteries are mainly environmentally sound treatment means to prevent their pollution of the environment. China's current management in this area is rather weak.