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How to manitain Powerange battery
Mar 29, 2018

Powerange camera battery, if properly used and maintained, can extend battery life.

Camera lithium battery of powerange, no memory can use increases with the increasing charge, but must pay attention to two points: First, before use powerange battery before, the battery should be fully charged. Even if fully charged powerange battery, after idle a few days later, also should be fully charged again when you use, then the battery can full capacity to work. Second, when using the battery, try not to run out the power, leave about 10% power, will extend the battery's life.

Powerange camera battery maintenance is also important. Batteries should be kept in full charge to take care. If few use or no long-term use, the battery should be fully charged every three months. If your time is available, discharge the battery once time 3 or 6 months, and then charge the battery fully to store. If powerange battery is not used for a long period, and don't charge the battery regularly, the battery will be easy to damaged.